What Denomination are you?

Years of doctrine and theological differences have caused wide divides in the body of Christ.  It is our desire to attempt to live as a bridge to this divide by focusing not on our own sense of traditions but on loving others by pointing them to the love of Jesus Christ which is non-denominational, unconditional and indiscriminate.  As a result, if you come to one of our services you will see/hear a mix of contemporary & ancient church traditions, lively preaching, testimonies, prayer for healing, instruction in the Word of God with an emphasis on personal study, and heart-felt worship all subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our congregation is diverse because we love to serve a wide array of God’s people.

Who is allowed to receive Communion?

We believe that the communion table is open to all believers.

What should I wear to a service?

There is no dress code for members of New Covenant Community Church.  Modest dress is
recommended. Come in whatever you are most comfortable with.

Can I bring my children?

Children of any age are always welcome and you will be in good company with other families that have small children.  For information regarding the Children’s Ministry please visit the Ministries page.

How else can I get involved?

There are a number of ministries and outreaches that you can get involved with and we also offer a range of domestic and foreign missions you can participate in.