Walking down middle of road


If I told you to choose a road and then instructed you to “walk down the middle of it”, you would likely call me crazy.  There are typically two lanes of travel on most roads.  Some roads have a few lanes on each side of travel, but essentially only two directions that they all travel in.  Veer from the middle of any road and you enter into oncoming traffic.  The Christian world has often been described as having two distinct lanes of travel, Protestants and Catholics.  Walking down the middle of these two roads and negotiating these two well established lanes of travel is, at times difficult, but ultimately the vision of New Covenant Community Church.

Years of doctrine and theological differences have caused wide divides in the body of Christ.  It is our desire to attempt to live as a bridge to this divide by focusing not on our own sense of traditions but on loving others by pointing them to the love of Jesus Christ which is non-denominational, unconditional and indiscriminate.  As a result, if you come to one of our services you will see/hear a mix of contemporary & ancient church traditions, lively preaching, testimonies, prayer for healing, instruction in the Word of God with an emphasis on personal study, and heart-felt worship all subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our congregation is diverse because we love to serve a wide array of God’s people.

We believe that although God never changes, our ability to hear him does.  If the history of the Church has taught us anything it is that God continues to renew the face of the earth and this is apparent in the many movements of His Spirit over time.  We hold firm to the tenets of Christianity which are spoken of in the Holy Scriptures and summarized in the early creeds.  We do recognize however, that as the Church grows in its understanding of God, it does so in part by growing in its understanding of His Word.  One of our paramount beliefs is that if we are to continue to grow in Christ, we have to continue to listen to Christ.

Within our Church you will find many members with varying levels of beliefs…we welcome this.  It is our desire to give people a “Home away from home”, where you are free to worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Some of our core beliefs are enumerated for you below:

  • There is only One God, and He is the author of all life.  God is Love, but He is also holy and perfect.  Mankind is imperfect and because of this man has chosen from his earliest beginnings to disobey God and remove himself from the unrestricted love and presence of God.
  • Out of God’s great love for us He sent us help, His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ is the only Son of God.
  • Jesus came to earth and was born of a virgin, Mary, through the power of God’s Spirit.
  • Jesus lived and dwelled amongst us and taught us that He is the way, the truth and the life.
  • Jesus atoned for our sins by dying on a cross.  It was a death he didn’t deserve; it was a life He chose to freely give that we who accept Him may be reconciled to His Father and inherit a new life as a New Creation.
  • Jesus proved His Word is His bond and not only foretold His own death but foretold His Resurrection. Just three days after His death, Christ rose from the dead.  He conquered death and appeared as the Risen Lord to His disciples that very same day.
  • Jesus ascended into Heaven and to this day, as He promised, sends to those who call upon him His Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God.